Students desirous of leaving the college should apply to the principal with signatures of the father / guardian. Migration to this college from other cities is usually not undertaken because of limited seats. However under unavoidable circumstances, (like job transfer and shifting of residence) such migration cases can be considered after observing the merit policy of the government. Migration from a local college is not permitted.

Change of Subject

Normally students are not allowed to get their subjects changed. Only the Arts subjects can be changed by applying to the convener of such committee on a “ Prescribed FORM” within 15 days of the admission to the college. Change of faculty is allowed if permissible under the merit. No request / application would be entertained after the lapse of a prescribed date.

College Dues

Students are directed to deposit dues soon after their admission in the college according to the detail: given at the last pages of the prospectus. Note: The prescribed dues are liable to be changed according to the direction notification of the government.

College Discipline

All the students are bound to abide by the following rules and regulations:

  • Follow ethics and pillars of Islam.
  • Wear uniform and keep college identity card with them. Gown as uniform is essential for Post-graduate students.
  • Keep up discipline on the college campus, hostel, libraries, canteen and grounds.
  • Students are directed to park all types of vehicles at the specified parking area of the college. Do not damage the plants in the beds and grounds of the college.

Following acts are strictly prohibited and in case of violation, Procter's are empowered to take disciplinary action on the spot:

  • Disturbing the academic atmosphere of the college.
  • Damaging the college property.
  • Visiting the college by a student/ outsider along with fire arm even if it is licensed.
  • Bill sticking on the college campus.
  • Political or provocative address.
  • Noisy attitude in the library / laboratories or around the class rooms.
  • Use/ possession of narcotics or smoking.
  • Roaming / driving purposelessly / playing in the grounds on the campus during college hours.
  • Any vehicle like bus or wagon forcibly or unpermittedly driven into the college campus.
  • Involving in quarrelsome or unethical acts.
  • Tearing the notices off the notice board and damaging the newspaper placed on the stand.
  • Visiting or inviting outsiders on the college campus without prior permission of the administration.

Note: The principal can ban entry of a student in the college/hostel for a specific period or for ever on reasons of indiscipline.


If a student of intermediate fails to attend 75% of the delivered lectures in each of his subjects, his admission will not be sent to the B.I.S.E, Lahore and if a graduating student fails to attend 66% of the delivered lectures in each subject his admission will not be sent to the University of the Punjab.

Leave Rules

Leave availed on medical ground or any other ground will not be accounted for attendance. Prior permission for grant of leave from the competent authority must be obtained on a prescribed leave application form. In case of illness, the leave application must be signed by the father / guardian for day scholars and by the warden for boarders. Such leave should not exceed 05 days. Medical certificate issued by the Medical Officer/Medical Superintendent of a Govt. Hospital must be accompanied with medical leave application exceeding 06 days. Leave application must be signed by the father / guardian exceeding 02 days. Such leave is granted for maximum 06 days in a month. Leave for a single period is allowed by the concerned teacher of the subject for which he would make such leave entry in his register. Separate leave applications are submitted by the day scholars and boarders. Leave during house examination of the college is granted only if the father / guardian of the student presents a genuine medical certificate prior to the commencement of the examination. Such students must appear and qualify the next supplementary examination, otherwise they will be dropped from the college rolls. Leave is granted by the following faculty members:

Leave up to 06 daysTutor
Leave up to 15 daysSenior Tutor
Leave for more then 15 daysChief Tutor


  • If a student remains absent for six consecutive days or 10 days in a month for any of his enrolled class without obtaining leave from the competent authority of the college, his name will be struck off from the college rolls.
  • Re-admission, on this ground, will be allowed only once in an academic year ( starting from September every year) with a fine of Rs. 200/- and re admission fee Rs. 50/- provided that the student applies for such re-admission within 14 days. This application should be duly annexed with a written guarantee / assurance from the father / guardian to the effect that he will attend the classes regularly during the remaining period of the academic session.
  • After the lapse of a period mentioned in item , an amount of Rs. 300/- as fine and Rs. 50/- as re -admission fee will be charged.
  • Re-admission shall not be granted after the expiry of one month’s period from the date of struck off notice.

Schedule of fine

  • For absence of a single period Rs. 2/- and for the whole day___Rs.10/-
  • Absence from monthly / college tests without sanctioned leave Rs. 100/- per subject per paper.

Special Fine

A special fine between Rs. 300/- to Rs. 500/- will be charged on the violation of discipline / gross misconduct. However college council can impose fine of more than Rs. 500/-.

Payment of Fee and Fines

  • The fees and fines must be paid on the dates notified by the college. Absence from the college or leave granted by the college will not be considered as an excuse for not paying such dues.
  • If a student fails to pay his dues on the date notified by the college, he will have to pay fine in addition to the dues on the defaulter’s date to be notified later on.
  • In case a student fails to pay his dues on the defaulter’s date, his name will be struck off from the college rolls and he will be allowed re-admission according to the prescribed rules and regulations of the college.

Fee Concession and Scholarship

The principal is authorized to grant half tuition fee (maximum) concession to a specified number of deserving students. Such applications duly signed by the father or the guardian (if student’s father has died) are submitted to the incharge fee concession soon after the admission to the college. Fee concession is allowed on the the basis of good conduct, regular class attendance and satisfactory academic record. The concession may be withdrawn on the basis of bad conduct, irregular class attendance or unsatisfactory academic record. Financially constrained students may apply for a scholarship by submitting an application to the concerned incharge. Govt. / University / Local Bodies and all other scholarships are available in the college. Financial aid out of Provincial Zakat Fund is also granted to the needy Muslim students only.


There are two libraries in the College:
(A) The Main library.
(B) The Post-graduate library

All the books covering every area of study are available in the college libraries and offer a real treasure of literature and academic publications to the faculty and the students. Both the libraries contain more than 50,000 books with a wide range of periodicals to provide valuable material necessary for research, reference and acquiring knowledge. New and latest books are added to cater the needs of the readers. All the important national Dailies are available during library timings. The students are desired to make use of this treasure during their spare time. The main library is to be utilized by all the college students whereas the postgraduate library is exclusively meant for postgraduate students.

Rules and Regulations of the Library

For the convenience of the students and the faculty, following are the usual timings to benefit from the libraries:

Summer 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
Winter 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

College faculty and students can borrow the books (faculty members can borrow up to 05 books for a month whereas the non-teaching staff would borrow only a single book for 15 days). The students cannot borrow more than three books in a given time period.
The students cannot borrow more than three books in a given time period. Books to the students are issued for two weeks only. After the lapse of this period a fine of Rs. 1/- per day is charged. The issuance and returning date of the book is not included in this period. The books may be re-issued after the expiry period provided that they are not required by a teacher or a student. College faculty can retain the books for one month. After the expiry of this period, their return or re-issuance is must. If the date of return of the books falls during summer vacation, they must be returned soon after the college resumes. It is pertinent to the faculty and the students to return library books two weeks before the summer vacation starts or seek permission from the principal to this effect, otherwise prescribed fine would be charged including summer vacation.
However books for reading, during such vacation are issued three days prior to the start of said vacation as the libraries remain closed during this period for stock taking and other technical requirements.
Following types of books are not issued to the students.

  • Reference, Biographies, University Calendar (reference books, reports, university theses).
  • Fresh magazines and University circulars.
  • Specific and unique photographic books.
  • All type of text books (in case of a single copy in the library).
  • Books pricing more than the library security of a student.

(A) Library cards are issued to the students soon after their admission to the college. Students must inform the concerned librarian immediately if the library card is lost, otherwise the student is responsible for the books issued on that card. An application is to be submitted to the librarian to get a new card who upon his satisfaction that there is no book at the credit of the student would issue another card on production of a fine receipt amounting to Rs. 50/- The college Accounts Office would receive this fine on the recommendation of the librarian.
(B) A student is required to show the college I.D. Card to borrow the book, otherwise the incharge library can turn down his request. Books issued to a student cannot be transferred to another student unless they are returned to the library. A new original book has to be provided in case the book has been damaged, smashed, torn off, spoiled or lost. Usually the returned books are received according to the laid down procedural rules. The price or fine of a book is not acceptable but the original book is to be provided if the lost/ damaged book relates to a series or set of books, otherwise full price of the set of books will be charged. The price of the books to be charged by the college is as follows:

Durations Fine:
Books purchased within 05 years-Price to be charged: 1.5 times
Books purchased within10 years: 2 times
Books purchased within15 years: 3times
Books purchased exceeding15 years: 4times

Students are strictly prohibited to speak loudly in the library. Any violation of the library rules by a student is liable to be punished on the recommendation of the librarian. The dailies and magazines are placed at the proper stand for the benefit of the students. It is the moral duty of the students to read and handle them carefully and do not damage them. Students damaging them can be fined according to the nature of loss.

College Leaving Rules

  • Students desirous of leaving the college should apply for it along with the signatures of father / guardian. A student is not allowed to leave the college unless he/she pays all the college dues.
  • No student is allowed to leave the college unless he / she has paid all sort of dues like hostel charges, fee, fine, library books, sports goods.

College Examinations

It is mandatory for the students to appear in the college examination for their satisfactory internal assessment and eligibility for the admission to be sent to the B.I.S.E, Lahore and the University of the Punjab.

The rules regarding the college examinations are the following:

  • It is compulsory for intermediate students to successfully qualify the monthly and other college tests during each academic year so that their admission to the B.I.S.E along with the internal assessed grade may be sent. Names of the absentee students in two continuous monthly tests or failure in the send up test would be struck off from the college rolls.
  • Father / Guardian of an ailing student would personally submit a medical certificate along with a leave application to the College Office prior to the commencement of the college examinations.
  • it is mandatory to get through in all the subjects to be granted promotion from III-Year to IV-Year.
  • Grant of promotion to next higher class or admission to appear in B.I.S.E / University can be withheld for showing poor performance in the college tests/send up examinations.
  • A strict disciplinary action including rustication from the college will be taken against the students for using unfair means in the college examinations.
  • A fine of Rs. 100/- will be charged from a student not appearing in a paper of a subject during college examinations. Besides, an absentee from a monthly class test is also liable to be fined Rs. 50/-
  • The admission of the students who get F Grade in the internal assessment will not be sent to the BISE, Lahore.
  • It is mandatory for the students of B.A/B.Sc (Part-II) to appear in the send up examination to be held in the first week of February, every year. The admission of the students who do not get through this examination will be withdrawn.

Internal Assessment System

According to the policy of the BISE, Lahore there exists an internal and external assessment system for the intermediate students of the college. In this internal assessment, the students performance is evaluated on the basis of academic and non-academic activities, moral conduct and ethics. The college sends this assessment in the form of Grade to the BISE which is reflected in the certificates of the successful candidates issued by the Board. The students who do not make use of the given academic opportunities are assessed accordingly.

College Identity Card

Students admitted to this college must obtain the identity card from the Accounts Office within one week of the commencement of classes. It is compulsory for the students to keep identity cards with them when attending the college or to show when asked by the faculty, Proctorial board or the concerned staff, failing which fine may be charged. In case of loss or damage of the college identity card, following is the fine to get a new card issued:

  • A new card is issued in lieu of lost card / torn off or damaged card with a fine of Rs. 50/-
  • Third one new card is issued if the second one is lost or damaged with a fine of Rs. 100/-

Tutorial System

  • The tutorial system operates under the supervision of a Chief Tutor
  • A Senior Tutor (Science) for the science students and a Senior Tutor (Arts) for the Arts/ General Science and Commerce students are designated. Medical Leave application for 06 to 15 days along with a medical certificate is to be submitted to the concerned senior tutor.
  • Separate Tutors are appointed for (Science/Commerce and Arts) degree level students who are authorized to sanction leave up to 6 days only.
  • Leave for more than 15 days is sanctioned by the Chief Tutor.
  • Students are required to route all of their documents like leave, fee concession or remission of fine etc through their concerned tutor to be submitted to the principal / other competent faculty member.

College Transport

The college provides traveling facility to the students at the specified routes. In view of the present working condition of these buses, this facility is made available within the city routes only. The recurring expenses of these buses are met out of college transport fund. No financial assistance is granted by the government. All the college students bearing college identity card are allowed to travel by these buses on the routes specified by the college. It is pertinent for the students to behave in a civilized manner and co-operate with the driver and conductor. Any complaint regarding the buses’ staff can be lodged with the Chief Procter / Transport Committee. Anybody found damaging the buses would be fined heavily.

Literary Magazine (DABISTAN)

  • The college literary magazine “ DABISTAN” is published once during every academic year. Essay writing competitions are held from time to time for training and nourishment of the literary taste of the students and various prizes are awarded for the written work published in “ DABISTAN”
  • The faculty, incharge magazine is empowered to delete the name of an editor student upon unsatisfactory performance.